Faith and Surrender

The Universe has your back, even if you don’t think it does. Even if you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus or round kicked in the gut. Whatever is happening, it is a gift from the universe.

Right now, at this moment, I am being taught about faith and surrender… with a dash of patience. I’ve started to see and feel things with my entire being, whereas I only knew them intellectually before. I’m starting to see, feel and know that I am being given everything I’ve asked for.

Small things like – I’ve always wanted a keyring from my kids for Mother’s Day, and a mug too – you know the commercial “My mum is the best” ones? God knows why but I’ve always thought “why hasn’t my husband ever organised one for the kids to give me?” Well this year my daughter made me the keyring at daycare, and my son bought me a mug at the school Mother’s Day Stall, not to mention this “Mum is love” pen I am writing with at this very moment. I got exactly what I always wanted, I didn’t realise I was being impatient and expecting the universe to provide these things immediately. I waited a few years in this case.

The other day I was gifted a beautiful grey, green and yellow rainbow lorikeet feather that I have been requesting for a few weeks now, I love my feathers. It was waiting for me just outside my laundry door one morning, the first morning I didn’t look for it.

But this week the universe kicked it up a notch. For at least a year I’ve been encouraging my husband to find a job that was more suitable for him – where he could grow, be valued and be paid what he is worth. It was clear to me that he was resistant and what I was saying was falling on deaf ears. It was even causing trouble with our marriage.

On Wednesday morning my husband received a call telling him that his position was being made redundant and that  he was no longer required, effective immediately.

Considering our financial situation at this point in time, this was disastrous news for us as a family. In light of this I immediately burst into tears, but seconds later it clicked and I was thanking the Universe. It was giving him the push he needed to go out and embrace his future.

The week before I had successfully applied for a position and had been invited to attend a second interview. The role was one I could do with ease based on experience and passion, but it would have meant less time with my children, more reliance on my husband (and his flexible, now non-existent job), but more money in return. I declined the second interview based on how I felt (my feelings and dreams are always right, my mind and brain are not).

Truth is that I want to be more available for my children, not less available. Anyway – then my husband tells me that he no longer has a job and my thoughts immediately go to – “What have I done? I should have continued the interview process!” Then I realised. It isn’t up to me, it isn’t about me and the very reason I didn’t pursue this job was because it relied on his current job, which he doesn’t have anymore. I know I was guided in this situation and I also know, completely know, that the Universe is gifting this opportunity to us because it loves us so.

So this is the lesson in faith and surrender. I can see the dots that lead to the arrow that point to the Universe and quietly says “I’ve got your back”. There is literally nothing I could do to bring about this situation, there is no control. In truth there is only faith and surrender.

Thank you Universe!

Take a moment, a breath and think back to anything you’ve asked for… you may not have received it the way you thought it would happen… and it may not have happened yet. Ask, have faith, be mindful of the signs and believe the Universe will answer the call.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,

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