Sometimes it’s hard to not feel resentful. When you feel like everyone just expects you to do everything you do and have always done. Be a mother, a wife, a daughter, employee, sibling, friend, volunteer… do it all looking freaking amazing, keep your cool, cook amazing food and run a fabulous house. While you’re at it made sure you’re happy, smiley and not whiny or cranky.

Firstly, it’s not a blame game here, because there is more than one player, and any expectations have been received and accepted by you.

It’s not until we are completely exhausted that we start to wonder how the hell we got into this mess. If people aren’t grateful and respectful of us it’s because we haven’t shown ourselves gratitude and respect in the first place.

Baring only life threatening situations there is truly nothing that we absolutely must do. We think we have to do things… everything… keep at the plates spinning and hop on one high heel at the same time, but that’s simply not the case as I have begun to realise.

Every moment presents an opportunity for us to make a choice. That choice will either honour an expectation driven by fear, or it will honour our soul and come from a place of love and kindness. It won’t compromise on our values or beliefs. It will be in alignment with what is true to our heart space.

If things aren’t working for you ask for help. Be honest with yourself and your loved ones. If the routine you’re in doesn’t serve you, stop wishing things would change. Instead, sit down and write out what you need to change. You don’t have to have all of the answers. Just put it out there, to the universe, and wait for the solution to pop into your head (of course you need to be listening).

Don’t expect anything of the answer either, in fact you make not even like it.

It’s not about fixing everything straight away, feeling like you have to is another unnecessary pressure. Simply get it out of your head. Acknowledge that life isn’t that comfortable right now. Set the intention that you are going to change things for your own well being and create the ripple into the well being of everyone around you.

It’s not about being selfish, it’s about action in line with you heart, respect for yourself and respect for others. Deep down they want to truth too.

But yes, you still have to do the washing and cook dinner. It’s just that it will come from a place of intention and choice rather than being stuck in a pattern and controlled by fear.

Start thinking about what it is you need to change. Take some time to write out what you would like instead, put it out there, listen and take action.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,

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