Cypress and Bed Wetting

My son, now 7, had a lot of trouble with bed wetting. This is quite common, although it can be embarrassing and detrimental to self esteem. I really had a bee in my bonnet about helping him overcome it.

Cypress oil, the oil of motion and flow, was recommended to me in this case. I started by diluting it in a roller ball (10ml roller ball with 7 drops of Cypress, the rest fractionated coconut oil) and rolling it on his lower abdomen just before bed. It didn’t really do much.

I then started rolling it onto the soles of his feet at bed time, that worked a little better. So I decided to just use one drop of Cypress on his feet, with one drop of fractionated coconut oil… even better.

Then I decided to diffuse it as well. That helped a bit more.

I then read about Ylang Ylang being good for bed wetting too… so I changed my routine again.

Soles of feet: 1 drop of each Cypress, Ylang Ylang and fractionated coconut oil.

Diffuser: 2 drops of each Cypress, Ylang Ylang and Easy Air (that’s for respiratory I’ll post about that soon)

That was it. The magic mix. I don’t know the mechanics, all I know is that it worked for us.

This is a part of the night time routine just like brushing his teeth. I often find that people try something a few times and when it doesn’t work they give up. We are so used to having health issues treated with silver bullets, which isn’t always the way when we go natural. Consistency and patience is key…. give your body what it needs and give it the time to heal.

With bed wetting there are two other points that are worth consideration –

Anatomical Alignment: I have a beautiful chiropractor who has been treating my son for approximately 6 months. Treating my sons pelvis has also been instrumental in helping this situation.

Chronic Constipation: My son had severe silent reflux and chronic constipation caused by a redundant colon (one in ten people have these). When your bowel receptors stretch from being chronically constipated (he had problems from birth to 5 years) they stop working, because they are always stretched and the bio feedback stops working. When the bowel receptors do this, the same thing can happen to the bladder receptors – which means you simply don’t know that your bladder is full. I worked with a naturopathic physician to get my son off laxatives (he was on them from 8 months to 4.5 years) and using the right form and dose of magnesium was key to this, my son still takes a small dose each day.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,

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Please note: I am not a health professional, just a passionate and well researched mum striving for health and happiness. My posts are based on personal experience and my intention is to open people up to the possibility of natural healing.

Everyone’s body chemistry is different, always dilute essential oils and do a test patch. I’m fortunate my family tolerate oils very easily, but I know other people who have to dilute them a lot… you need to start slow and work out what is best for you.