Supporting Health Naturally

After seven years my children are both finally free of needing a specialist to manage their health. Whilst their health issues pale in comparison to some, this for me was the most extraordinary feat. Yesterday my son was released from his Respiratory Paediatrician and he is officially in ‘remission’ from his asthma.

We have be on quite the journey. My son was born pre-term, 4 weeks early, when my mum suffered a brain aneurysm and underwent emergency brain surgery. It took me about 5 hours to realise that my back pain was actually contractions, and I was in labour. Thankfully 10 hours later he was born relatively healthy, but still required extra care. His admission into special care nursery was the beginning of the next 7 years which required ‘specialist care’.

I won’t go into the details here, but we were seeing a Paediatric Gastroenterologist and Respiratory Paediatrician Regularly for redundant colon, severe silent reflux and asthma. We saw an Immunologist and Cardiologist a couple of times, thankfully that wasn’t a continuing requirement. There were two procedures in hospital, not to mention 2.5 years of no sleep, a 5 night stay at Karitane and almost 7 years of prescription medication.

My daughter was born with the same gastrointestinal issues, but it impacted her feeding rather than her sleep. For her we needed the Paediatric Gastroenterologist, a feeding therapist and an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist.

About 5 years ago I started seeing a Naturopath for myself, I was on antidepressants (sleep deprivation at extreme levels, my son did NOT sleep and I was suffering). After a little while, a building of trust and seeing some results I decided to bring my son in to see him too.

Using a combination of Naturopathy, Chiropractic, NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) over the next 3 years we managed to get him off his reflux and bowel medications. It has taken a further 2.5 years to remove the need for asthma medication. In addition to the above I also started using Essential Oils, which were pivotal in supporting his body overcome his asthma.

Essential oils support so many things. Emotional and mood management… feeling a little low on energy? Have a quick sniff of peppermint! Sad? Citrus. Frazzled? Woody aromas for grounding. There’s literally an oil for every mood, every emotion, every need.

Deep down I knew there was a better way for my children than a lifetime of prescription medication. I had an urge, a driving force that I could not explain and I could not ignore. It drove me here to this point. And now I’d like to acknowledge it as my inner knowing.

My personal belief is that the body can heal itself given the right support, tools, rest and time. Not a set period of time. Just whatever it needs and that’s different for everyone.

Essential Oils are one of those supports. I use them everyday, on everyone, in every room of my house. I have them in my handbag and I’m actually about to buy a diffuser for my car too! I’ll write more about how I use them soon.

There is one oil blend that I was introduced to, Easy Air by doTERRA, that is a superstar when it comes to supporting breath. I started to diffuse it whilst my son was asleep to help with a cough that he had developed. The cough seemed to vanish overnight so I figured that there was no harm to diffuse it every night seeing as he had compromised lungs.

Within the following 6 months we reduced his asthma medication to ZERO (with medical attention of course), and he successfully managed, with no medication for months. Yesterday we were told that he didn’t need continued care and that he was officially in remission.

I credit all of the natural care that supported my son through his health journey. The emotional work, structural work, supplements and the goodness that is Essential Oils – plant medicine. Natural care needs to be used consistently and I was religious about it, it’s like brushing your teeth twice a day, everyday, always.

I’ve also written about how Essential Oils supported my son through his bed wetting here.

Natural health isn’t a magic bullet. It requires consistency, dedication and time. Most people are used to Western Medicine fixing health ailments quickly. Natural medicines work but they tend to take longer, so a lot of people give up. DON’T GIVE UP. It will work if you just keep going. Persevere. Believe. Dedicate.

The various medications my son was on for years cause many issues, these are just some of the ones I know:

  • stunted growth
  • issues with digestion
  • gut dysbiosis
  • damaged vocal chords
  • vitamin and mineral malabsorption

I don’t even need to read the pamphlet that comes with these to know that my little boy shouldn’t be on them for the rest of his life, like I was told he would be.

I’m grateful to my husband who let me do my thing.

I am grateful to my children who trusted that I would take care of them.

Most of all, I am grateful and proud of myself.

Proud because I never gave up.

Proud because I trusted my inner knowing.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,

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Please note: I am not a health professional, just a passionate and well researched mum striving for health and happiness. My posts are based on personal experience and my intention is to open people up to the possibility of natural healing.

Everyone’s body chemistry is different, always dilute essential oils and do a test patch. I’m fortunate my family tolerate oils very easily, but I know other people who have to dilute them a lot… you need to start slow and work out what is best for you.