Lately I have been doing a lot of self reflection, meditation and self care rituals.

I’m not comfortable saying things like “I have no choice”, “Life is too busy” and “it’s just the way it is” anymore. There is joy in everything if you choose it.

For too long I have ignored the voice inside of me, allowing it to only shine through intermittently instead of leading my life from my heart.

So now that I have realised it’s time to let it all go and embrace that which is inside of me I know things may get a little more challenging as blocks and obstacles pop up along the way. I know that I need daily self care practices, non-negotiables, to keep me on track and to stay grounded.

So what are they going to be?

  1. Light Sourcing Meditation – to bring the light from the universe into my body and bring space and energy into my being. To regenerate.
  2. Daily Yoga – first thing in the morning. Where my body, mind and breath are in flow and energy that does not serve me is released. To start the day on the best possible note.
  3. My coffee and reading time (my guilty pleasures are almond lattes, biodynamic wine and organic home made chocolate). In the morning I do some self development and learning whilst enjoying my coffee. Just after yoga (and just before the kids get up!).
  4. Good, real, vital food. Fruits, vegies, nuts, seeds are the staples. To lift my vibration and give me the energy to stay strong.
  5. Water – water is so so necessary and has the power to change the course of my day. Drinking at least 2L (more often 3L) is one of the best possible things I can do for my body to be happy. It brings such clarity to the mind too.
  6. Essential oils – Oh my goodness how essential oils have changed my life. They are whatever you need them to be. Calming, soothing, uplifting, comforting, energizing, cleansing, supportive as your body heals. The list could go on and on. An instant mood changer and harmony bringer. They are an essential part of my day (no pun intended, simply truth!). They also support me and the health of my family, which I intend to write more about soon.
  7. Music – it lights up my soul. It raises my vibration. It brings joy to my life. (No I can’t sing or play an instrument, I listen!) It allows me to be uplifted, to wallow in my sadness, to ponder and yearn for more. I have an ever growing playlist full of the most random songs from very genre and era. Whatever I need there’s a track ready to support me at the press of a button. It’s such an amazing tool. My kids both have playlists, everyone gets a turn in the car to play the song their soul needs at that time.

A lot of people think they are too busy to do these kinds of things everyday, but it doesn’t take much if you just spend a little time figuring out what it is that you need. It may be completely different to me and that’s cool. You know you better than anyone.

My daily rituals fill my cup. They ground me, they centre me and they lift my vibration because they light me up.

Spend five minutes thinking about what really lights you up. It doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to be complicated. It just needs to be real and true.

Commit to that one (or more) thing and do it everyday. Feel the joy it brings you.

Don’t underestimate the power of doing the things you love, for short pockets of time everyday. Doing them takes less time and energy than worrying about not having the time to do them!

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,

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