My Purpose

The other day, a dear friend asked me why I thought I was put here on the planet. This was what came to me:

Self Mastery

To help people connect with their inner, true self. On the surface – to realise what is their stuff and what is everyone else’s – society, culture, religion, authority figures, family and friends.

To sit back and learn to observe what is happening around them, rather than being caught up in it.

To see that there is always another way and they are not trapped. The trap is in their mind, it is merely a perception.

To help them realise that anything not done out of love is done out of fear. The two cannot exist at the same time.

To know that who they are and where they are is perfect, and exactly what they need in any given moment.

To remember that joy is in every moment, if they choose to shift their attention.

To know that real power comes from embracing vulnerability, even celebrating it.

Take some time, sit in nature, and ask yourself the same question. Don’t think. Write.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,