It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working on yourself, how much you’ve come to understand about the way the universe works or how much you know about your ego and when it flies into action. Sometimes there are days where you will feel broken. When you want to curl up into a ball and just cry your heart out. That’s me, right now.

This is a journey, that often feels like it’s one step forwards and about 10 back. Sitting here I know that feeling broken isn’t such a bad thing, it’s happened before. I know that there are parts of me falling away. The ones that no longer serve me. This makes room for more light, more love and a higher vibration. It doesn’t mean the process is easy, but it is necessary and ultimately a blessing.

I’ve often said to those closest to me… who would have thought that the spiritual and healing path would be so all-encompassing, devastatingly difficult and heartbreaking. How is it that I’m becoming more aware, reaching for the light but still wading through the shadows? What makes us continue on a path that requires so much energy, dedication and determination, that makes us cry more than it makes us smile. That breaks our hearts and rebuilds them again.

Once you start on the path you simply cannot stop. You can’t close your eyes once they finally open and begin to see for the first time. You can’t close your heart once it feels the truth. You do whatever it takes, you cry a million tears and beg for the answer.

Then, as suddenly as you felt broken, you feel peace, and more whole than ever before.

For now.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,