Essential Oils

We have amazing bodies with an intelligence far greater than our thinking mind. Our bodies know exactly what we need in order to heal, they just need to be supported. Support in the forms of good nutrition, water, sleep, relaxation and natural medicine where possible (I am not a medical professional and as such am sharing my personal experiences and beliefs).

Essential Oils are a necessary and incredible part of my tool kit. I use them for mood management and to support the bodies natural healing processes.

I hope you enjoy reading about some of my experiences with Essential Oils, I’ll also share some information about the oils themselves.

If you would like to have them in your tool kit feel free to contact me for assistance, or you can purchase them by going to:

If you’d like to share oils with the people in your life (which could see you getting your oils for free or even making some residual income) choose Wellness Advocate, otherwise simply choose wholesale (both receive 25% off – woot!). It’s $35 to join and as long as you purchase two items it’s well worth it! I started with the Home Essentials kit and never looked back. My only regret was not buying a bigger kit to get started… I’m a little addicted!

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,

Please note:

I am not a health professional, just a passionate and well researched mum striving for health and happiness. My posts are based on personal experience and my intention is to open people up to the possibility of natural healing.

Everyone’s body chemistry is different, always dilute essential oils and do a test patch. I’m fortunate my family tolerate oils very easily, but I know other people who have to dilute them a lot… you need to start slow and work out what is best for you.