Who do you honour?

We all do it don’t we? We do things that are not for ourselves. We do them out of fear of not upsetting others. Effectively, we are diminishing the desire, the flame, the needs of ourselves, for fear of another’s reaction.

And our discomfort to it. We don’t like to feel uncomfortable, do we?

It’s nothing new, we’ve all been doing it for as long as we can remember, in some way, shape or form. We think that there’s something noble about putting ourselves last and being that person that everyone else can rely on to make their world right. Even the thought of doing otherwise is guilt-provoking, heart-breaking and gut-wrenching.

But when is enough, enough? When do we realise that our world has been spinning on the wrong axis?

That it is out of alignment.

That we are out of alignment.

Perhaps there are signs. Perhaps we lack energy, feel depressed, stressed, overwhelmed, can’t sleep, can’t eat… perhaps we have an array of medical issues and the pills to ‘fix’ them’.

Or, perhaps, one day, we simply wake up and realise that we are not happy. That we have been honouring someone else, or everyone else, and not ourselves.

Who do you honour?

It is not that we shouldn’t be kind, helpful and loving… these are very important states of being. But who is honouring the very core of your being?

We all need to honour ourselves.

Our feelings.

Our desires.

Our sorrows.

Our joy.

We often feel guilty for feeling the way we do. For feeling or not feeling love for someone else. But why should we feel guilty for being true, real, authentic?

If we ignore the way we feel, and push it down not to hurt someone else, we hurt ourselves. We send a message to our mind and body that they do not matter as much as that other person/problem/whatever… and then we suffer. The vibration lives in our energy field and then eventually manifests physically, and we end up as sick as the hurt we placed on ourselves.

If we could all be true to ourselves, if we could live and love authentically with an open heart and mind. If we could honour ourselves and in doing so honour each other from that essence of truth…. well… just imagine.

The possibilities are infinite.

We each have the ability to effect change and play in the realm of infinite possibility.

Who’s ready to play?

With a loving heart,