What if the exact things that we thought were wrong with us our entire life, things we were possibly taunted or teased about, were actually our secret super powers? Think about it for a moment. Were you told you were too sensitive? Or that you thought to much? Or that you cared about others and took on their burdens unnecessarily? Perhaps you’re bossy? Or selfish?

I’m not saying all of these things are good to do (in the way society views them let’s say)… but they have hidden treasures in them… little insights into what your secret super power really is.

I’ll use myself as an example… I’m extremely sensitive. I can read a room almost before my first step into it. I can feel tension, anger, frustration, joy, and any other emotion that may manifest. If something bad is about to happen, I feel it in my body, or I have prophetic dreams. If I call someone and they promise they’re ok, until they are blue in the face, I know if they aren’t, and usually they spill the beans. I read energy, because I am extremely sensitive. I can feel it when people are judging me, I can feel it when people are annoyed with me, and I can feel it when they extend their hearts to me. There are upsides and downsides to this, and I’ve spent a long time teaching myself how to manage that energy, so that it doesn’t impact my energy and therefore my health.

I am blessed because I am able to help those around me get in touch with how they really feel. I can help them reconcile their feelings and move their emotions. I’ve felt every feeling and emotion possible, because I am a highly sensitive empath, which has not been easy; but it means I understand how YOU feel. If someone pops into my head, I know I need to contact them, because their energy reached me for a reason.

I’m also a thinker, a really big one. This is not always the best thing, people say, but in the realm of the physical with linear time and a system-based world it has helped me tremendously in my work. If someone makes a suggestion I almost immediately see every step from the suggestion to the final outcome. I can sense all of the necessary steps and possible situations arising from them, and how long it will all take. Just like that, in a heartbeat. The challenge here is moving from linear to flow, which I am working on everyday.

We each have our own super powers.

We are all unique, even though we are all the same.

We share many of the same fears and at our core have the same needs of love and acceptance.

We have gifts and talents that often lay dormant, and it’s time to embrace them and bring them back to life. Even just a little, baby steps.

Embrace that which you thought was a fault and realise it’s what makes you unique and needed in this world.

You’ll never feel more alive.

Here’s to embracing ourselves,


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