When it all comes crumbling down.

When the cracks at their finest suddenly explode.

When the world comes crashing down and it’s all you can do not to drown in the darkness.

Know that this is the time to rise.

This is the time to heal.

This is the time to begin.

Begin you.

Let all of the rest fall away, the hurt, the pain, the fears.

Let them fall with your tears.

Then burn.

Be the light that shines the way through the darkness.

Bring hope, bring love, bring forgiveness.

Bring you.

Rise to the surface.

Buckle up your courage.

And explode into the night.

Paint the sky.

Shimmer, shine and sparkle.

And watch as others join you there, lighting up the night sky.

For we are all made of stars.

And together we rise.

With heart,