The Magic of a Morning Routine

The times when I feel the best in my life is when I get up just that little bit early to make space for a 20 minute yoga practice, followed by my morning coffee and a bit of soul nourising reading.

It’s easy to forget how good this makes me feel, and when I get tired I start hitting snooze on my alarm which invariably takes away that life changing 20 minutes on my mat.

A few weeks ago I made a commitment to myself, that even if I felt really tired, I would get up and do at least 10 minutes everyday. No excuses. 10 minutes to 20 minutes every morning, first thing on waking.

It’s incredible what even 10 minutes can do to transform my day. I feel more grounded, and the same time more uplifted. My energy is more balanced, and so are my emotions.

It may not be yoga for you, it may be meditation, journaling or going for a walk. Whatever it is, don’t underestimate the power of making a commitment to yourself for a small pocket of time each day. It isn’t about how long it takes you, it’s about consistency. A little bit of time everyday is something that we can all make space for… and the energy it inspires is truly incredible.

Choose one thing.

One commitment to yourself.

One action to show care for yourself.

Start the next time you wake up (or perhaps it’s a night thing and you do it before you go to bed for a more restful sleep… whatever works for you).

Commit to doing it each day.

Give yourself a week.

Then reflect on how amazing you feel.

Then. Never. Stop.

In the spirit of self love,