Re-defining Self

So, having had my ongoing, highly emotional and profound realisations of late, I’ve been pondering a lot.

Intense and deep thoughts.

Having realised that I’ve been holding my sh*t together whilst on a crusade to win some kind of battle I was actually waging against myself, I’ve been thinking about the concept of re-defining myself.

Let’s talk about re-defining the self.

Perhaps we come to a stage where we realise we aren’t happy. We don’t want to be the rescuer, helper, villan, martyr or <insert another archetype here> person anymore. Cool, good realisation, now what?

In this world it seems that everything needs a box; you belong in that box, I belong in this box, and perhaps together there’s another box we both fit in to.

Think about it… that box defines you, you are what it says on the side and there may even be detailed descriptions of exactly how you’re supposed to behave on it too.

Being defined by the box you fit into is more like a prison, and there isn’t always a clear way to break free. Perhaps it’s easier to understand if I say we’re all robots in these boxes, and we are programmed by definition to think, feel and act in certain ways.

We are that person, who does that thing, and can be continually expected to behave a certain way.

So if we do figure it out, and we decide to break free because it’s just not working for us anymore and we’ve had enough. Then we step outside the box and start to wonder, well, who am I really without my box?

Maybe we start trying to find prettier boxes to fit into, or handsome ones….(not really the point, but you get what I mean!)

Here’s the real question – why do we want to live in any kind of box?

Even the good ones?

If we all spent some time listening to our inner voice…
Connecting with that whisper that is inside all of us….
Acting within the alignment of our soul and with heart and compassion…

Then couldn’t we create and re-create ourselves every breath?

Expanding and contracting with the resonance of the Universe and the depth of our beings?

If we didn’t put ourselves and each other into our neat, little and super-stackable boxes, and we felt into what it means be who we are, don’t you think we’d all be a lot happier? A lot more fulfilled? Free?

For me, it is tempting to say I’m out of that slave-driver box, the illness box, the broken box…

and that I’ve decided I’m now in the happy box, teacher box, healer box…

But I’ve decided there isn’t a box that I want to live in.

I am who I am now.

What I’ve done until now is not important.

What I do tomorrow is not important.

My presence in the now, being who I am, right now is important.

Acting in alignment with my soul, and with the love for humanity in my heart, may I always act with compassion and grace.

To live in flow and dance with the waves of resonance.

To be free and inspire freedom.

To choose love that knows no bounds.

To be me.


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