The Contrast

A good friend of mine read my last two blogs – I am not ok and Re-defining Self. Whilst she understood my first one she said she liked the second one better because it was far less concerning, which brought us to the topic of contrast.

You see, Re-defining Self could only be written following I am not ok. The realisations and expressions of the second blog could not have existed without the first.

This is very similar to pretty much everything in our lives.

The contrast, the dark and the light, the wax and wane of the moon, the expansion and contraction of life, the peaks and troughs, highs and lows, yin and yang. Each one exists because of the other.

The contrast provides the opportunity for the light to shine through the darkness and be realised.

It is the low points that give birth to the possibility of those higher ones, because as soon as we hit a low point we are made to be aware that we don’t want to feel it, live it or be it – we want the higher harmonics running through our experience. That is what we desire.

This can then drive us in the direction of what we really want, because quite simply we don’t want to feel bad anymore.

Joy and freedom are our birthrights.

Next time you’re on a low, remember this, and say to yourself:
“Thank you for the opportunity to see the contrast, so I can know with absolute clarity what I want in my life

Then with inspired empowerment, make the choices and mindfully act towards riding the highest wave of your life.

Until the next contrast provides more opportunity for you to go even higher.

Feeling grateful for the opportunities of contrast, and hopeful that you are too…