Your frustration is trying to tell you something

Your anger is trying to tell you something.

Your sadness is trying to tell you something.

Your irritation is trying to tell you something.

For me, when I feel frustrated and irritated, it generally means I need to grab my computer and start writing a post on here. It’s stifled creativity. As soon as I start to write whatever comes into my head I instantly feel better. I can almost feel the frustration disolving, leaving my body, like a mist or evaporated energy.

If I feel angry, it’s usually because I have been feeling irritated and frustrated and I haven’t paid attention, I haven’t written anything, and it starts to build up inside. Often that can then cause noticiable physical ailments and symptoms. Honestly, you’d think I would have learnt by now…. as soon as I get one of these uncomfortable feelings, I need to let the energy flow.

It’s actually what I used to do as a child. I would write as soon as I felt anything other than good.

So, what is it that you like to do when you feel these feelings? What makes them instantly disappear?

Maybe you’ve never thought about it before.

There are many things that help me: yoga, meditation, having a chat with a like-minded soul…. but often these are a temporary patch, and writing still needs to happen. For me, it’s a process of creation which transmutes the crappy stuff and turns it into something that connects me with something greater.

If you’re reading this, you are being called to pay attention and think about what makes you feel good. What gets you out of that place of feeling something low on the scale of emotion, and moves it up toward the good stuff?

Because your joy is an indication of your alignment to your soul, and it’s purpose.

Anything that feels good, that excites you, is showing you that you are on the right path. It indicates your being in the now, without consideration of the past and engaging in fear of the future. It’s what makes you feel ALIVE and like every breath you take is the most incredible experience that ever existed. Because it is isn’t it? Breathe in. You are breathing in life. What could be more incredible than that?

The less than desirable feelings that I started writing about at the beginning of this post (and those are just a few of many) are there to show you when you are off course. When you aren’t listening to the whisper of your soul and the song that is playing quietly in your heart.

If you are feeling uncomfortable in any way, your soul is trying to speak to you.

Your soul speaks to you through how you feel.

You’ve noticed it before right? When there was something that you were MEANT to do, and really SHOULD do, but really didn’t WANT to do because it made you feel icky inside?

The thing is, that language is always there, it is always speaking to you. It’s subtle… it doesn’t jump up and down with a flashing neon sign going ‘HEY YOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THAT IS NOT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT!’

So next time, that you feel anything other than good, sit down, take a breath, and reflect on the message that is quietly being whispered to you.

Your joy, your alignment, your purpose, they are all waiting for you to realise them.

Listening to these messages will keep you on the right path.

They will lead you there.

To your beautiful soul and it’s incredible guidance system,