I belong

I have spent most of my life feeling like I don’t belong.

I’ve come to realise something.

I have spent most of my life feeling like I don’t belong.

Not understanding my place here.

Wondering how I fit in.

Wondering why I am here.

I have spent a lot of time in the energy of sadness, longing, desperation and disempowerment.

I have been trying to solve my physical issues that have resulted from these feelings.

I have spent many years and thousands of dollars trying to ‘fix’ myself. Emotionally and physically.

But the only reason I have to try and ‘fix’ myself is that I have seen myself as broken.

I have felt very deeply that there is something wrong with me and I have always questioned my place on this Earth, whilst at the same time I’ve been trying to earn my right to be here, to be alive, to exist.

This human existence, the school room we call life on Earth, is not an easy one. It is a period of intense learning, the extremes of high and low, the contrast of light and dark, for the purpose of the expansion of universal consciousness.

This isn’t an easy concept to grasp when life is throwing you curve ball after curve ball.

In fact it can feel extremely annoying, utterly irritating and down right inconvenient.

Since the dawn of 2020, which has revealed so much already in the world, I have come to realise that my struggle over the last three and a half decades of not knowing how to be ok in this world, is the reason I am really here.

There are many people on the planet, and you are probably one of them, who do not know how to be here. They don’t feel like they belong. They don’t feel like people understand them. They feel unfulfilled and exhausted, like the world is one big tumble dryer throwing them around and turning up the heat until they start to shrink, contract, and even expire.

What we need to realise is that we all have a purpose, a place, a reason, and a right… to just simply be.

But how do you get from a place of feeling like a complete alien in a well of desperation to a place of peace?

I can’t articulate that right now, but what I have realised today is that it is entirely possible.

And I want to help people get there.

The soul aspect of ourselves is within reach, for all of us.

For everyone who feels like they don’t belong, or thinks that no one understands them…

I see you.

I know you.

I understand you.

And if you’re reading this, one day very soon, you too will have the same realisation I have had.

It’s just that you can’t force it to happen.

The day you step back and allow yourself to breathe, cut yourself some slack and get off your own back, it will literally light up in front of your face and start blinking like a flashing neon light.


To seeing the light and realising your greatness,