No more compromise

There’s an interesting shift in energy that I’ve come to notice of late. Intitially in myself toward the end of 2019, and increasingly in those around me over the last few months.

There has been this rising from deep inside of us, of the feeling that we simply cannot stand by and accept the reality that has always been, and constantly circles around us, anymore. Things that perhaps we once let slide are no longer sliding. It’s almost as if we are physically repulsed by these actions and situations, even when they haven’t themselves changed.

We’ve changed… we’ve shifted.

Like the north and south pole of a magnet, the situation at one end simply cannot exist next to the consciousness which is at the other.

No more compromise.

No more compromise on our beliefs, our thoughts, our emotions, our hearts, our authenticity, our honour, our joy, our truth… our souls.

We are no longer willing to sit down like school children and be told how to live our lives, what we should or should not be doing, how we should or should not think, how we should or should not feel and what we should or should not want.

Our consciousness is rising and we are starting to fully embrace our own strength, power and knowing.

And what was once accepted no longer sits right with us. We physically can’t stand it anymore.

It hurts our hearts.

It grates on our souls.

We are compelled to act for all that is authentic and resonates deeply in our being.

The very fabric of this existence is falling apart, and being woven in a new way.

The way forward is in the higher harmonics, the frequency of our souls, the wholeness of our hearts.

The path we are creating is bathed in light and the shadows are falling.

We are sitting at the dawn of a new age. A new way of being.

The funny thing is… this way is not new. We are remembering the true essence of ourselves and are simply returning to fully embodying that light. It is as old as time itself, in fact, not even, it is completely time-less.

The veil is lifting, and suddenly we are seeing clearly for the first in a very long time.

We are realising that life is for living joyously, and loving wholeheartedly.
We are driven by heart-based decisions, not those made of fear.
We celebrate ourselves, and each other, for being courageous and bold.

This new energy is part of our evolving consciousness.

We’ve been waiting a very long time for this… without truly knowing we were waiting on the edge of our collective seats.

We each have a part in embracing this energy, embodying it fully and awakening those around us. It’s time to gently speed up those ripples.

To the upliftmant of your soul, my soul, and the soul of the collective.

Together we awaken, together we rise.

With a joyful tear,