We are all the same, but different.

We all experience the same things, at some point on our timeline.

We are all souls, here for the evolution and expansion of ourselves and of the collective, we are Universal Source Energy.

It’s simply that we are experiencing things at different times, in different timelines and different dimensions. But in essence everything we experience is the same.

We all start out, at the beginning of our soul’s creation, as a lower vibration needing to learn, expand and transform.

As we progress, through birth-to-birth and life-to-life, and in between, we move up frequency and expand. How quickly is up to each and every one of us.

There’s no need to feel bad about where you are, because at some point in ‘time’ or another, in some moment, we will all experience, or will have experienced, exactly what you are experiencing right now.

We all start the same, we all end the same.

The journey looks different, the ‘time’ and lessons that we take to get there are different too.

But it’s all the same.

We all need to experience the same sorrows, pain, trauma, joy, exhilaration <insert everything else you can think of here> and let them teach and grow us in the way that we need (sans resistance where possible).

Because even though we are the same, we are different, we are unique.

We are infinite, boundless, expansive energy.

We all came here to learn and take part in creation and expansion.

So before you judge yourself, or feel sorry for yourself, or think you’ve got it all figured out… don’t forget this moment you’re experiencing has or will be for every soul on the planet – past, present or future.

Instead of wondering why it’s happening to you, instead of asking what you could have done differently… ask what it’s trying to teach you. About yourself. Because this moment is happening for you and your growth as a soul.

The thing is, if you don’t learn it now, you’ll still have it on the to-do list and will continue to experience the same energies of the lesson until you actually learn, accept and embody the wisdom it is trying to help you realise.

Eventually we will all reach the same place.

Our frequency, our vibration, will extend further than we can possibly comprehend with our human mind.

Now you’re thinking about the end goal aren’t you? It’s not about the end goal.

The key here is actually presence.

So, today, what is it your soul wants you to learn?

If you’re anything like me (and you are, at one moment or another), it’s a lot!

With love,