Follow the spark

Sometimes, we get too much into our heads, we think, rather than tuning into how we feel. We think, about what we should do, how we should do it, and what that might mean… it’s really very linear. And it can make you feel very underwhelmed, unexcited, and just plain blah.

So…. how do we change this? Shake things up? Move and groove? Flow.

It’s time to go with the feeling. The one that you get in your body as your thoughts surface in each moment.

For example…
Linear –
I have sooooo much work to do, I need to do some now or I’ll never get it done in time…. God I just don’t want to work. Life sucks, I’m over it.
It makes you feel blah (very technical term I know)!

Let’s re-frame it shall we?

Feeling, flowing, trusting –
I have a lot of work to do, and it is important to get it done. But I am really not feeling it right now. I know if I sit down and try to make myself do it, it’s going to take me so much longer because I’m just not in the mood. Hmmm… I really feel like having a cup of tea and sitting in the garden. I’m going to do that now, I’m not going to think about work. I’m taking 10 (or 30!) minutes to be.
This makes you feel like it’s ok for you to feel as you do, that getting work done is not more important than you, that you have a choice in every moment to honour how you feel in that same moment, that you trust in your ability to get things done when they need be done, and that you know how to be in the flow of what your soul needs. Thinking, feeling and honouring this process will in fact render you more efficient, productive, centred and will cultivate an energy of growing self worth.

It’s really a matter of power vs force. Force diminishes our spirit, and making centred, powerful decisions stokes the flame.

The inner spark that drives our very existence, our desire, our reason for living.

The above is a very simple, everyday example and one which we can all fairly readily understand… the process may take a little practice, but overall, well, it’s not rocket science.

What can be difficult, hard, sit heavy on the heart…. is sticking to a course in our lives because we made a decision at some point, however long ago, and we think we have no choice but to stay with it, we feel stuck.

Maybe it was your career, your marriage, or other relationships… the same sentiment applies. You need to go with how you feel.

Perhaps you’ve been married for 20 years, and it feels like it’s over, you’ve grown, they’ve grown, and although you are both magnificent you are no longer what you were. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your need for each other. Perhaps the next stage of your soul’s growth hinges on the next relationship to come into your reality.

Maybe growing up, you always wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer or a business owner of some kind. Maybe you did it for 5 years, maybe you didn’t even reach 1 before you realised that you have to force yourself to be that person, the person that you thought you wanted to be. But you don’t really want to be. And that’s ok.

There’s nothing wrong with you because you got it wrong. In fact, at the time, you got it right. It’s just not right anymore.

Sometimes, in order to gain clarity around what we do want, we need to experience those things that we don’t want. And it takes courage to admit that the course you set for your life does not work for you anymore and needs to change. Your GPS is auto-correcting because the path ahead no longer serves you; it will not get you to where you want to go. Owning that truth will cost you far less than sitting in denial, digging your heels in and continuously banging your head against the same brick wall.

How you feel is your internal guidance system.

How you feel is more true, more right, more real than anything.

Your feelings are there to guide you to the answers that you seek.

What sparks and ignites excitement within you is your North Star. It’s your true path. It’s your way forward.

Feel your feelings.

Listen to the truth they hold.

Have courage to own that truth, even if no one else understands you.

Make choices from a place of power, your power.

Follow the spark.

Big love,