What can I do?

I have been pondering the thread of energy that has been flowing through conversations of late. The ones where fear has big-hearted humans on a knife’s edge wondering how they can fix the hole that humanity finds itself in. But that’s the thing. There is no silver bullet. And looking at what is going on in the world, listening to all of the noise and getting overwhelmed in the scariness of it all is not going to help.

And I hear you say, but what can I do?

You my friend can do so much.

We are all different, here on our own missions, to do what we ‘came here to do’. All of it is much the same, and yet so uniquely different.

We may each be riding a different wave, but we are in the same ocean.

And in any moment, in any situation, in any breath, we can choose to bring the light.

We can show up, so others can see the way.

All you need to do is show up.

It is so simple, yet so powerful.

Perhaps you know how to help people with stress.

Perhaps your words heal.

Perhaps your listening skills are second-to-none.

Perhaps you are the person that fills a room with laughter.

Perhaps you use food as medicine and can help those around you bolster their immunity and physical body.

Perhaps you are a kick-arse trainer that knows how to make the body in front of you strong, stronger than it has ever been, and flood it with endorphins.

Perhaps you are the person that opens their mouth and everyone turns to listen, because there is so much wisdom inside of you.

There is not one person who can lead the charge to save humanity.

We are all needed. We each have our place. We each have a wing span and ability to inspire those around us.

What can you do?

It is very simple.

Be you. Hold strong. Inspire hope.

Be the beacon of light to guide those who surround you.

Let’s light the way together,