Make space for your magnificence

We each have beautiful sparks of creation, ideas, that dance across our consciousness like shooting stars. And we say to ourselves, life is busy right now, I will do that one day when I have space.

When I have more money. When I have more time. When I have more knowledge. When, when, when.

The world keeps spinning, we keep running and so we keep saying one day, when.

Then these sparks remain in thought and do not have a chance to manifest into our physical reality, because we have made it so.

And eventually, it all starts feeling heavy. We start wondering what the point is. Why are we here? What are we meant to do? How in the world do we make this life work?

You cannot ‘make it work’ when your Soul is aching for something more.

But you can make space.

Space for the inspirations that have filtered through from your Soul, the whispers that you hear when you are quiet, when you dream, when you are still.

Perhaps it is a situation that arises unexpectedly that is the catalyst for your transformation, news of poor health, death in the family, the loss of a job.

Or, perhaps, your Soul simply cannot stand it anymore and it starts getting very loud, because it will not let you keep driving 100km an hour in the wrong direction.

Maybe it is a bit of both.

After years of saying one day, when, I recently realised I had not been listening as well as I thought I had been. I had been missing the signs and staying my course, stubborn as a bull with a sprinkle of self-righteousness, and a dash of helplessness. There was a metaphorical cliff I was loitering on because it felt safer than the great abyss of the unknown. If I stayed, I knew exactly what I could expect, even though I was not happy. I kept saying one day.

External circumstances did play a part, as you can imagine, as I am writing this in the life-changing year of 2020. However, the messages kept coming to me stronger and stronger through dreams, intense feelings, and a repulsion from the reality I found myself in.

I jumped off the metaphorical cliff.

I decided that I was ready for anything because I simply could not stand to be where I was anymore. I was physically and emotionally repulsed. This little magnet was not the ‘right’ polarity for the environment it found itself in.

When I jumped, I did not care what happened next, because I listened to my Soul and I felt the most incredible sense of relief that I had ever felt.

Then, life started to flow very quickly, and every sign pointed in the right direction. There were even some flashing neon ones, that made me feel extra sparkly and joyful.

Over time, when you follow the directions from your Soul, through the inspirations you receive, a lot of what bothered you before starts to fall away. Either people change, situations change, or your perception and feelings change. Whatever the case may be, life changes.

And you start feeling just how spacious life is.

You find yourself following your path, surrounded by supportive and loving relationships.

And you realise, you are the creator of your reality; if you bet on yourself, take a chance on yourself, believe in yourself – you can make anything happen.

One day, or day one; you decide.

May today be the day you make space for your magnificence,