Doing the work

Recent conversations have led me to ponder the nature of transformation and doing ‘the work’.

Healing as a definition is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.

Part of my mission in this life is to be a facilitator of healing, to hold space and share what is needed for self-healing to be able to take place. Let me be very clear about this; we all have the ability to self-heal. I may have the knowledge, the technology and various gifts, but you are the one who is in the driver seat. To heal you must want to heal (on every level) and be ready to heal (it’s isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – it requires a firm resolve to deal with the icky stuff; and in order to heal it you actually have to feel it).

In recent years healing has become more mainstream, everyone knows someone that has experienced some kind of complementary therapy or energy work, like Reiki for example. I have sought various kinds of healers since the age of 15, which in the last 5 or so years has been more in the direction of meditative, psychic, medium-istic, subconscious and energy-based work. Last night I was reflecting on my personal journey and the essence of healing.

It occurred to me that it wasn’t simply going to a healing appointment that inspired my healing to take place – it was important, don’t get me wrong, but it was so much more than that.

It was the seeking, the wanting to know more, the wanting to do more, the wanting to be more. I never stopped (I still haven’t) and my consciousness grew and grew. I made myself an ambassador for my own healing. I would go to a healing session, feel the feels, cry the tears, integrate and then I would write, meditate, research and make small consistent changes.

If you want things to be different you need to do the work. Healing is YOUR responsibility.

Healing is a choice and it requires commitment.

It is a commitment to realising that things need to change, you can not go out and live the way you have always lived and think your monthly healing session will change your life.

YOU change your life.

The power lies within YOU.

Healing work is there to smooth out the bumps and help accelerate you through the process. To facilitate and to guide, not to fix.

And don’t get me wrong, I was that person once. I simply wanted to be fixed, thank you very much!

I have only recently realised everything that I actually did on my healing journey, because I followed the very driven whispers of my soul.

Part of this writing is a nod to myself, an acknowledgement for leading the way in my own healing.

The other part of it is hope, to ignite the part of you that knows the power to heal and change your life lies within you.

The last part, is to say, every now and then when it all gets too much, it is more than okay to go to that session and say “please help me feel better today”. Sometimes we really do just need someone to hold us so we can rest. Sometimes.

To doing the work, leading the way and owning your journey,