You are the light

Healing and truth.. sometimes it comes out of nowhere and hits you like a sledgehammer.

And you have to remind yourself that you asked to be the best you can be.

You asked to work through all of the layers that were holding you back.

You wanted to be free from whatever was perpetuating the cycle of suffering.

You wanted the truth. You were seeking the truth.

But this truth? Well, you weren’t expecting that were you?

It knocks the wind out of you, and for a moment you can barely breathe.

After some time, perhaps slow, perhaps fast, the feeling of lightness and the energy of freedom expand you, lifesaving breath.

This is when the deep work begins. Work that takes courage, and all of your inner strength.

You may need to go inside, to be within, to hold your energy. You may need to hide away from the world for a little while. And that is ok.

There are highs and there are lows as you navigate the peaks and troughs, waves of emotion. Sometimes sinking, sometimes swimming.

But all the time living.

All the time reaching to be more, to feel more, to heal more, to do more.

We are here to experience life in its fullness, on both sides of all of aspects on this plane of existence.

To be the good one, to be the bad one, to be the rich one, to be the poor one, to be the happy one, to be the sad one, to be the perpetrator, to be the victim.

We are all of these things and can equally hold light or darkness with a moments choice. In a breath.

If you asked to heal, to be great, to lead, to show the way, to help the world. This is the way. Follow the arrow.

Whatever the lesson is in your reality at this moment, heed it, take it, choose it.

The tunnel may seem dark, but you are the light.

Lifetime after lifetime, lesson after lesson.

Burning brighter, shining bright.

Your spirit aflame.

Your soul expanding.

Your heart open.

Radiating into the world.

Spreading inspiration and hope.

Igniting those around you.

As you step into your greatness.

To the truth,