If you feel you are being pulled in one direction with compulsion, or too many directions at once you can become lost in the energy and lose sight of the significance of your true expression; the embodiment of your spirit. It can be all encompassing and hold you in stuckness with a distinct feeling of futility and inner turmoil.

Perhaps it is the trappings of the physical world like keeping up appearances and working yourself until you are numb, void of your joy and creativity in pursuit of the material dream.

Perhaps it is the journey you take when you close your eyes and expand your consciousness into the other dimensions where you feel what it is to be a part of everything and to be unconditional love.

Perhaps it is a constant doing because you have not found the answer you seek on the Earth or in the Ether.

Whatever it may be, the lesson is to find the balance. The balance between the spiritual being that you are, the physical body that is the vehicle for your consciousness and the emotional human reality of the Earth plane.

Spirit moves in curves and comes around back in and of itself, expanding further than our consciousness can perceive.

It is ever expanding.

You are ever expanding.

Your Soul cannot experience what it came to Earth for; the lessons, expression and fulfillment of its goals, without having a body that is nurtured and grounded. A body that is safe and loved.

Your body could not live without your Soul, your life force. It is the very reason your heart started beating when you were a new spark of creation.

Your Soul cannot experience and master the emotions that it came here to experience if you choose not to feel them or to numb them out. We came to Earth for emotional mastery and expansion of consciousness.

If the true yearning of the Soul is not heard and honoured, we depress our spirit; mental worry, anxiety, depression and addictions fill the void in return.

There is no one aspect more important than the other.

Physical, spiritual, emotional and mental.

Close your eyes for a moment. Take a deep breath.

Which facet of your being do you feel called to explore, love, cherish and honour today?

Here’s to embracing ourselves and surrendering our resistance to being truly whole.