You are the start

Our Souls yearn for our true essence to be expressed in its fullness and in its beauty.

But we hide for fear of being seen, for fear of rejection, for fear of being not enough.

Fear of being wrong, in every shade of hopeless.

Everyday fighting a silent war to earn our right to be here, our right to live, our right to breathe.

And why the battle we ask ourselves, daily, weekly, always… why?

Why can’t we simply be the light that we are? The Divine light that is a part of Source, a part of each other, a part of everything.

It’s the human veil of the ego that seeks to protect us from the world.

However in protecting us, it hides us, it keeps us small and what we perceive as ‘safe’. It stops us from living. Living in true authenticity.

So we can hide from attack, from ridicule, from cruelty.

And what we don’t realise is that all of these come from a place of hiding too. Perhaps if I attack you, you won’t see the real in me too.

If we were all truly, unapologetically, intensely honest about how we feel… if we could all just admit that we have the same basic human needs… then perhaps we could hold compassion for ourselves and each other… we could hold the space to protect and strengthen each other… we could all be vulnerable and open to true connection, unconditional love and pure acceptance.

No more hiding, no more avoidance, no more judgement. Complete freedom to be.
Feel into it, do you feel free and light? Perhaps that weight on your shoulders or your chest just lifted a little?

A celebration of each other, of life, of Spirit, of our gifts. For we are all gifts, and are gifted in our own ways.

For us to arrive in this place of love, acceptance and joy, we must first feel it within ourselves and radiate our light into the world.

To be the change, to transmute our own darkness and to be the lighthouse to guide others is an honour, but can also be a dark road that takes mountains of courage. Holding your light can be challenging when it seems as though others are desperate to extinguish the flame. They do not seek to stop you because they are ‘bad’, they try because they are scared. They do not understand how to live in this way, because they have been programmed their entire existence to believe in a lie. One that is based in fear, not love.

The harder it gets, the closer you become to being the catalyst that holds the power to open their eyes, and ultimately change their life.

When the darkness feels like it’s closing in, hold strong, sit tight and hold your light.

Stoke the flame, stare fear in the face and open your heart.

For the antidote is love.

If you are wishing for the world to change, realise that you are the start.

To the upliftment of your soul, my soul, and the soul of the collective,