Behind the not knowing, is the knowing.

The breaking of illusion has us all holding our hearts.

What we did not know, what we did not see, what we did not hear.

The mirage we held in its place.

It is not what has changed for each of us that has left us shattered, but the realisation that behind the not knowing was really a knowing that we just did not want to tap into.

Because we all know. Deep, deep down in the shadows that we keep.

We all know.

Letting ourselves fall, surrender and embrace that knowing requires so much more courage and conviction than we think we can spare.

Because we are so tired from holding the ‘other’ picture up there.

The time has come for us to step forward and stand tall.

For each of us to hold ourselves, instead of all that was false.

The veils have lifted, and we can see so much more than ever before.

Perhaps it is a career, a relationship (or 3 or 4); or perhaps everything that you have ever known has just come crashing to the floor.

What you once thought you knew, who you once thought you were, who you once wanted to be; suddenly no more.

Which begs the question of how could this be so?

For surely if there was something true, surely you would know?

And now we come full circle, as deep, deep down you do.

For behind the not knowing is the knowing that you did not want to tap into.

Go there. Go deep.

You are stronger than you think.

You have everything you need inside you.

Stop floundering, start to sink.

Into the depths of your heart, of your Soul.

Where the knowing is real.

Where the power is raw.

Where your Spirit will rise.

Where your ego will fall.

To living in alignment with your very core,