It sits heavy.

The black cloud shutting out the light, holding strong the darkness.

Stifling the flame, dashing hope on each horizon.

And we can know it does not serve us. We can know it does not help. We can know it holds us back.

We can know so many things with our intellectual minds.

But it is our heart that needs to know. Our heart that needs to feel. Our heart that needs to release.

It is our heart that has the power to disarm this energetic armour, a creation born of ego.

And I hear you whipser, but how?

In the quiet, in the silent reflection of your being, where there are no words, no opinions, no judgements circling.

Where you can take deep breaths and hold space for your own healing. Where you can feel into the fear that emmanates from the ego. Feel down, feel deep, into the fear that drives its existence. Your presence in this darkness shines the light, and in Divine time you will come to realise it is a scared child, programmed for survival and protection, that puts up the shields to hide you and your light from the world.

There is only love, and the absence of it.

The ego lives in this absence, this scarcity. It knows no other way.

And the way for you, is to move deep, and to move through with great love.

The answer is love.

Unconditional love.

Love that knows no bounds.

The darkness is dissolved by the light, as fear is transmuted by love.

Deeply loving all of the parts of you, the ones that are scared, the ones that fight back, the ones that strike out in anger.

The parts that are triggered in the everyday, revealing wounds in need of healing.

Hold space, hold time, hold you.

With love.

Allow yourself to feel into the deepest of emotions as they rise to the surface and release into the light.

Feel your being lift; every breath you breathe filled with life.

The answers you seek, the power to transform that you yearn to find: they are inside of you.

The path forward, the path out, the path up, starts from within.

Within you.

And it is paved with love.

With so much love,