Creating from love.

We create our lives in every moment, each decision building the picture that appears further down the road.

As consciousness is rising on the planet, faster than ever before, we have been increasingly drawn to navigating and manifesting what we create from this elevated state. Perhaps for some time for the sensitive and soul-led.

But now there is a new thread of energy, it’s going further, it’s going higher, and it leads to realisation, to knowing.

It swirls through the air we breathe.

And it is as if the lens through which we look has changed mid vision. So quickly we almost do not know how it was possible, or that it actually happened at all. Almost as though the sky were blue one moment, then green the next, but also as if it had always been that way.

Did the energy change? Did the veil lift to reveal what is true?

Whatever the answer may be…

What truly matters is our intention and how we create from here.

For what is created can be born from love, or from the depths of wounding and fear.

Take a moment to think about your actions in this life; what fuels and stokes the flame?

Do you want to be love and light because you are scared of the shadow…?

Do you exercise and eat well because you fear rejection and ridicule, or maybe illness.…?

Do you do ‘all the things’ for all the people in your life to be accepted...?

You can feel the thread of energy running through these questions, and if you had a little nod inside, or maybe one that was rather emphatic; you have been creating from your wounding, and it is time to release your baggage.

You see challenges arise to offer us the opportunity to level up, to grow and expand in consciousness, as a Soul. It is our protective, but misled ego, that thrashes around in the energy of fear and tries to keep us small. It is our ego that says do not go there, because here, see this? Remember this wound? It is not safe out there. Stay here, be with me; let’s give this growth a miss.

If there is a wound that we have not healed, one that we were never allowed to feel; we cannot create or live from love, as to heal we first must feel.

Perhaps you never even knew the wound existed, it may have been buried too deep.

Perhaps you’ve had dreams trying to tell you, that wake you from your sleep.

Perhaps it is far more simple, and you reconciled your intellectual mind. You did not think it had any power, and it could not affect your life.

But we create from the wounds that have not been loved into the light.

You need to see it, you need to feel it, only then can you let it go.

Because you are one powerful creator being, who need no longer create from your ego.

What you create out of love can transcend all time and space.

It can reach hearts and light up skies.

It can heal the human race.

To creating from love, from Soul, from Source,