When it feels heavy.

Get me out.

I need to go.

I cannot be here anymore.

This body suffocating, closing in, squashing Spirit and Soul within.

There is no peace. It feels so heavy.

I can’t do it.

Someone help me.

Save the day, catch me quick, hold me up, help me stick.

I don’t know how to be here.

I don’t know what to do.

I thought that I could do it, but no longer believe it’s true.

I can’t breathe, I’m being suffocated. This body kills my Soul.

I want to rip it off; it’s really far too small.

With consciousness so expansive, how is it that a body can make us feel such shame?

Whether it doesn’t do what we want, look how we desire, or function how we say.

These limbs, these eyes, all of the physical bits.

We do need them to stay.

We signed up and said ‘Yes, me! I’ll go to Earth and play’.

And it feels like we were tricked. Like a child starting school.

‘You’ll learn, it will be fun!’ they say, and for a moment we were fooled.

But then we realise there is such pain through which we must traverse.

The path of light, transformation, it can seem like such a curse.

If we could only just remember, how Divine we truly are.

That we each came with a mission and we jumped right off the star.

We chose this life of learning, of being human in all its glory.

But how do you feel better when you wish you weren’t in this story?

Admit to yourself that being here is hard and that you don’t know what to do.

Then feel the feels and cry the tears, or smash a coconut or two.

And when the energy starts to soften, release and slowly fall.

Tap into the deepest parts of you; and let your Soul answer the call.

Here’s to smashing coconuts and letting our Soul lead,