I am here for love.

I am here for love.
Below and high it beams.
Up and down with the winds of time,
and the current in the streams.

The peaks and troughs,
the high and lows.
As the leaves fall,
and the flowers grow.

It is everywhere you see,
and where you do not especially.
Although shadows may seem to hide,
there is a heart in every lie.

It may be broken,
it may be small.
But a heart has love,
even when it falls.

I am here for love,
it transcends time and space.
It lives in every moment,
every connection, every embrace.

There is no need to seek,
to find.
Love is there,
It is yours and mine.

So if your joy feels more like sorrow,
know that there is always tomorrow.
Where you may start again,
and be that parent or that friend.

To others,
or to yourself.
whoever needs the support,
and help.

We each have the ability to rise,
and be the one who transmutes the lies.
Love is the answer to all despair,
to confusion, to anger, to what seems unfair.

If our heart is allowed to open,
love can enter and heal what is broken.
If our heart is allowed to feel,
finally we can see what is real.

And leave behind that which does not serve,
drop the facade and lead the curve.
So our consciousness may expand and grow,
and the truth may finally begin to show.

That we are love in every way,
and we can be love every day.

To love,