Finding our way home.

The energies of the Earth are shifting, and we are shifting too, collectively and internally.

In. A. Big. Way.

We are being called to work through what weighs us down, so we can become lighter and ascend.

Perhaps you have noticed that you have been wading through the trenches of your emotions. Perhaps it is far more than that and you have been digging through the trauma of your past because you simply cannot avoid it any longer. Hell, maybe it punched you in the face and you had no idea it was coming.

Whatever the case may be, you are not alone.

We each play our part in the evolution of humanity.

First you need to work through your baggage, release and let go, so that yours, and the collective weight lifts enough to catch those higher waves.

It may be that once you have done that, and have taken a deep inhale and exhale, there is more to do.

It is through the sludge of our pain and sorrow that we find the path to our purpose. The mission of our Soul.

We each have a part, an energetic piece of the puzzle, to create the reality we seek.

If in each moment, whatever it is we do, we could remember that we have the choice to uplift the person in front of us or to raise the energy of a room. Whether we know them or not, whether we resonate with them or not; we each carry the spark of the Divine that can dissolve our amnesia and remind us that we are born of love.

Imagine yourself as a newborn, with that shiny energetic glow of Source emanating from your being, and feel into the love, the hope, the endless possibility that you brought into the world. Feel into it, the light is bright, and it feels so much like home.

Perhaps your light did not get to shine bright for long or it has been a little staccato over your time on the Earth. Perhaps those around you did not see, hear, feel or honour your magnificence. If you feel a sadness or a grief, take a moment to let it move through you, breathe it out of your body, or cry, crying is perfect.

Take a moment to feel your heart and surrender into love, and if that feels a little too much for you right now, surrender into kindness for yourself. Feel how safe you are here, right now.

We are all born with this light, this hope, this love, this endless possibility. We do not arrive wishing to harm another. It is through our environment, our conditioning, our own pain, that we slide the slippery slope into what feels so dark. It is only dark because we fell so far from our light.

It may be difficult when someone upsets or hurts you, to see past your pain and look into theirs. To see they are lost, they are far from the light, so far they have forgotten it even exists.

Every moment offers the opportunity to intentionally reclaim, hold and anchor our light. And in doing so we can start to break the unconscious doing on the planet.

For if we are connected to our Divinity and we stand in its power, the shadows of humanity cannot hide any longer.

We step out of the shadows, walk the journey of rediscovery, and land into the remembrance of our beauty, our Divinity, our grace.

All because in one moment someone held their light in front of us and offered to show the way.

To all of us, beautiful light beings finding our way home.