Dear Heart

Dear Heart,

The pain that you hold, was not put there to stay.

It needed somewhere to live, until I could be okay.

Strong enough to feel it through.

To see it, to touch it, to hear its cry too.

It is safe now for you to let it go.

To feel the depth of its darkness.

Not anything you do not know.

You did so well to protect yourself.

You helped me survive, and shelter myself.

But now these walls must start to fall.

So my Soul can lead, I can hear it call.

To embrace this existence.

To feel all there is.

If you keep holding on.

We are going to miss this.

This heavy feeling inside must go.

The pain in my chest that blocks my air flow.

It is safe now for you to shift.

We are older, we are stronger.

I know we’ve got this.

I thank you for all that you have ever done.

I trust in you like I do the sun.

For the sun will rise and fall each day.

Not something I question, it is seeded in faith.

Can you feel the Angels come near?

To take our sorrow and our fear.

Feel the healing, the love, the protection.

You have all of their affection.

There is no need to hide.

The time has come.

To step out and stand tall.

Dance to the beat of our own drum.

The one that is full of childlike wonder.

That loves with all it has to give.

The one that lives in joy and peace.

The one with the strength of all the trees.

That moves in flow like the great ocean.

That rises like a star after an explosion.

Time to lift the veil.

That has kept us so small.

Dear Heart,

There is so much for you to give.

But what you do not realise is this.

It is time for you to open wide.

So you can receive the love that is inside.

To breaking open,