Connect to your Soul

In the realm of the Soul, there is infinite, boundless, unconditional love.

Our Souls do not judge.

Our Souls do not criticise.

Our Souls do not defend.

Our Souls do not ‘do’ drama.

But our human does.

Because that is what we are here for. The Human experience. All of it.

We are here to find a path through our amnesia so we can work our way toward reconnecting and remembering who we truly are.

And in truth, you are a Soul, an extension of the Divine. You are love. The heart-bursting, unconditional, larger than life kind. The kind of love that is so beautiful it brings you to tears. And that is just the tip of it. There is so much more in its depths.

So, how can knowing this help us while we are ‘doing’ our human experience?

The more you can come back to your Soul and reconnect with your true nature, the easier this existence is to navigate.

You can fumble, trial and error, and push your way through this reality OR you can reconnect with your Soul and tap into your innate wisdom, compassion, and love.

The more that you nurture your connection to YOU, the more your human experience lives in the energy of ease and grace.

Does that mean then, that everything is going to be easy? No. We are human, and we dip in and out of higher consciousness. It takes dedication, focus and commitment to engage with doing the work, to connect and keep yourself there.

My humanness would love to say that I live there, but I do not, not all of the time.

Eventually though, we will all live from that energy, resonance, consciousness.

The small actions that you choose each day have the power to get you there.

So, the answer to most questions I am asked comes back to this.

Connect with your Soul.

You hold the answers you seek.

And when you go in, you tune into peace, love, and compassion.

When you come out, you emanate that energy into the world.

Could you imagine if everyone did this, every day?

The energy is breathtaking, and beyond comprehension.

But that is where we are heading, of that, I am sure.

When, is up to all of us.

To true connection with the Divine within me, and within you,