Our Spirit never dies.

As I sit here I inhale deeply and exhale completely.

And feel everything.

All of it.

The pain, the tears, the fears.

The hope, the joy, the sorrow.

Knowing that there may be many, and there may not be any more tomorrows.

Here in human body, but a Spirit in true form.

I know as we exit from this life, our body, it is simply a new dawn.

But it doesn’t feel so simple, as I sit here being human.

I feel the pain, I cry the tears.

And I wish that it weren’t so.

That you did not leave the planet.

That you did not have to go.

And it’s so strange… because I know that you surround me.

That your Spirit is lighting up the sky and you’ll wrap your love around me.

But there is something so intense about how my human feels.

Our Soul does live forever, but the child in me still reels.

Grief has cut me to my core, and I know I must surrender.

To feel the deepest of sorrow.

To be cracked open, to break apart.

To cry a thousand tears.

To feel like tomorrow will never start.

But tomorrow will surely come and the sun will rise again.

There will be a new day.

The Earth will still spin.

And I will be tested, because I have to find a way.

To get back up and carry on, to honour each new day.

So my heart may feel heavy and like it will always be in two.

But the wound that heals it whole again, carries the love you had in you.

I know one day I will see you again, but until that dawn arrives.

I will carry your Spirit in my heart.

For our Spirit never dies.

With so much love,