You were right all along.

The times you felt so alone.

Like a voice just left of tone.

The times you held your heart in sorrow.

You wished today would be tomorrow.

The times you wondered how it could be so.

That you got it so wrong and you wished to go.

Everything that you knew to be true, did not seem to be the same hue…

Of those who walked right by your side. The ones you love, but still you hide.

Because what you can see, can sense, can feel… they may never believe is real.

Oh my love, you were never wrong.

Those thoughts you had, those images you run; through your mind and in your dreams. They’re much more real than what they seem.

You know the truth down deep inside. Time to stop running away to hide.

Be the you that your Soul holds dear.

You, my love, have nothing to fear.

Your heart is pure and intention strong.

How could you ever be wrong?

Radiate your light, like stars above.

Expanded past time, past space; born of love.

A spark of the Divine, emanating Source.

Your heart is an unstoppable, radiant force.

You are exactly as you need.

A radiant aspect of Source indeed.

I know you have always felt so out of place…. that’s why you are here… in this moment… at this time… in this space.

Light the way, show us how it is done.

Truth flows through you, like warmth from sun.

And as you rise, we all start to shift.

Step into your light,

And together we will lift.

I am cheering you on, beautiful radiant Soul,