When all feels lost.

When all feels lost, and you’re holding your fears.

You’re climbing the walls, and falling down in tears.

Hold still one moment, close your eyes.

And breathe in deeply between those cries.

This isn’t the truth residing in your heart.

It is your ego that is ripping you apart.

Come back in to sit with your Soul.

Take a moment to surrender your control.

Remember the light that shines from within.

The light you have so often let yourself dim.

You feel so separate, so alone.

You tuned out to your Soul’s tone.

And you can arrive back there now.

You already know your way there somehow.

It’s in the quiet and in your breath.

Tune back in and release whatever is left.

Sit inside, hold the space.

Radiate love and take your place.

If we each connect in and hold our light.

If we radiate what we have inside.

Every moment we live and breathe.

We can create our new reality.

So go within, and come back out.

Forget the fear and forget the doubt.

Explode the darkness, light the way.

Show us there is a reason to stay.

To be ourselves and shine our light.

To be the stars that sparkle at night.

To seek the truth and live from the heart.

To change the world… we each have a part.

You know what you need to do…

It’s time to let the world see you.

In honour of every Soul struggling with this reality… I see you, I hear you, I feel you

And I want you to know that we all need you.