For the voice inside.

For the voice inside that says ‘Who do you think you are?’

The part of you that feels at home in the energy of not-enoughness, because that is almost all you have known.

Whether it have started, or been fuelled by, a parent, sibling, school, work; whoever and whatever it may be. This wall that holds you back and your heart hostage is ready to be released.

It is time to set yourself free.

For you came here on purpose, with purpose.

There is no mistake, you are not broken.

You are a new vibration of wholeness in every moment.

A Divine light of Source.

And deep down you know this.

But the human veil of illusion that keeps you separate does such an incredible job at holding you in stuckness.

All is not lost, and you are not broken.

Your shell needs to crack to share this truth, at last you must open.

You have everything you need inside of you to find your way.

If you listen to the quietest of whispers that keep coming down and through; it’s time to let them stay.

It’s time to crack wide open.

It’s time to shine, shine, shine.

For the magic you have within you is both yours, and it is mine.

The world needs your medicine, just the way you do it.

Editing your greatness may have kept you ‘safe’ until now.

But please, it’s time to stop…

Stop editing yourself.

It’s time to own your magic, holding it back will not help.

Take a deep breath and say it with me,

“I will no longer bear witness to bullsh*t, especially my own. It grates on my Soul and brings me tears. No more. This magic I will own.
To the voice inside that says “Who do you think you are?”,
If not me, then who?
Don’t you know, we are all made of stars?
No one is more qualified, than one who has the drive. Who lives and breathes and loves with all they have inside.
So dear voice I thank you, for you did keep me safe, but I am no longer scared of who I am, and all of the lives that I will change.”

You came here on purpose, with purpose.

Own your magic, change the world.

All you need do, is be you sans filter.

To owning your magic, to owning my magic, to being the magic that we are.
To changing the world by shifting the frequencies around us.
From one star to another,