It’s the silence I yearn for.

The stillness of night.

The solitude, the quiet.

No one in sight.

Sitting in my energy, feeling it all.

Knowing what is mine, what is old, what can now safely fall.

Feeling deeply into all that I am.

A human, a spirit, a soul; all of them.

And as I sit here I can feel myself lift.

My battery pack fills and my gears start to shift.

It’s in the silence I know what is true, absolute.

The knowing within me grows and I again become new.

The biggest growth lies here, within me, within you.

The transformation, the healing, the changing of worlds.

It starts inside like the finest of pearls.

So when I feel lost and I feel I can’t cope.

I sit in the silence.

It is there I find hope.

And I start to remember more of who I am.

The stars that I came from.

The reason I am.

All of the answers lie within me, within you.

Now is the time.

Take a deep breath.

Slowly release.

And let your heart rest.

With a silent, happy heart,