You are not alone.

I am here beside you.

In every moment, every breath.

My love will not deny you.

Let your mind come to rest.

Close your eyes and take a moment.

Sink deeply into your heart.

Feel the peace and love inside you.

Let this be the start.

A heart full of hope in cloudy skies.

A wish for something new.

The winds of change creeping in.

A hue of healing blue.

We are one.

Different aspects, same light.

Like the rays of the sun.

Dancing, sharing, radiating, bright.

Bursting through the darkness.

By being who you are.

Remembering the divinity within.

Unleashing your inner star.

That twinkle in your eye.

That fire in your heart.

Magic lives within you.

It is time to share your spark.

You are not alone.

I walk this path beside you.

I remember who you are.

And I will always remind you.

To holding our light, and shining it bright,