Without you, I would not be.

We each have our ‘truth’ and that truth is born from our individual experience and perception. Like each snowflake that falls, a unique and intricate expression; we each have our own lens that colours our life and carries our attention.

And in the same breath we are two sides of the very same coin; at the core we are one in the same, we only differ in our expression.

I could not exist without you, and you not without me. We each have our own way of seeing the world; but without you I cannot see.

We are all needed in this world to colour in and around the lines. The light, the dark, all of the hues; the magnificence in between.

This is our very reason for coming into being.

We came here to experience.

To love, to cry, to feel.

To know the full spectrum of emotion, to do the work, to want to heal.

When all feels lost inside, and your hope has faded to grey.

When your blood is boiling, skin recoiling, and tears fall day after day.

When you have had enough, and you are holding your heart bleeding.

Take my hand and follow me, it is your beauty I am seeing.

I see an infinite sky, of a thousand, million stars.

And I thank the challenges that broke you down and ripped you wide apart.

For all the pain you were feeling was your ego losing control, and it may feel like there is now a huge, deep, black, gaping hole.

But that is space that is left for you to welcome back your Soul.

So you can radiate your light into this world, to help the others start to see.

They cannot exist without you.

Without you they would not be.

To loving our differences, breaking open and running free,