Falling into Grace

Sit quiet and let it come. Let the energy start to flow.

Breathe deep, breathe wide, breathe far.

Hold your centre, hold your glow.

Let the light shine through your darkest parts.

Let it weave in and out and in.

A new pattern starts to form, a new dimension begins to spin.

And although it is so beautiful, the pain is very real.

It is time to say goodbye, feel it deeply, let it heal.

And all those sad and angry parts that were bursting at the seems; let them run, let them scream, let them release into the night.

Let them explode into the sunset.

Let them take full flight.

Let the fire that burned inside for so long rip you open and tear you apart.

And as you sit there and hold on to the place where your heart used to lay, know that the gold you’ve been searching for is just on the other side of that space.

Go in there, go deep.

Feel the energy start to shift.

Feel the freedom that surrounds you.

Feel the tapestry of creation start to lift.

See the new thread unfold, and weave you into new.

Your consciousness expanding.

Your heart full and commanding.

Your longing for this place.

Where you my love, have faced your demons.

And fallen into Grace.