Divinity looks like you.

There is a fine line between what we believe we need to do, our will, and the will of our Soul.

Our human-ness brings in all of our conditioning and our wounding and drives us to act to save, to protect, to make better.

And in the process we criticise, we judge, we see disharmony.

But what comes through the will of our Soul, an expression of the Divine, does not seek for us to achieve, do or be anything more than what we are in each moment.

In each moment you are a divine expression of Source experiencing itself from a new perspective.

It is different and perfect now.

And now.

And now.

There is nothing to fix here.

Everything in your experience is an expression of the Divine including the aspects that lay in the shadow. The perceived shadow.

The moment that you seek to deny it, to hide it, or to pronounce it wrong separates you from that which is Divine.

It separates you from the oneness that you long to feel.

Divinity does not look like perfect skin, perfect health, perfect wealth, perfect expression.

Divinity looks like you.

All of the lumps, the bumps, the awkward words that spill from your lips, tripping over your words, your feet, the ineloquent expression on your face.

That is Divinity.

Divinity expresses itself through you, it emanates from the entirety of your being not just the polished parts. It is all of it.

You need not be anything, or anyone, other than the you in this moment.

Take a moment to marvel at the extraordinary being that you are.

Spirit in form.

You are a ray of light from the glowing sun.

A twinkle of a star at night.

It is all about you, and not about you in every moment.

You are everything, and nothing, all at the same time.

You are a whole, and a fragment of creation.

You are Divine and you belong here.

All of you.

To being who we are in each moment, and knowing that is perfect,