There is nothing to do or say.

There are times when we fall into a well of emotion, and there is nothing to do, or say. No one can make it better. It is what it is.

But often, when this is part of our reality, those around us need to reconcile it and make themselves feel better because we do not like to feel uncomfortable do we?

Queue: Oh your mum passed away, I’m so sorry, but she was ill for a while wasn’t she?

Anyone that has experienced this will know that sinking feeling.

Like the fact she was sick, makes the fact that she passed, a simple expected thing that did not shake you to your core and break you into a thousand, million pieces.

There is a big difference between knowing something is going to be heart-breaking and excruciating, and actually experiencing it.

Just because you know something is coming, does not make it ok when it does.

Just because something is a common occurrence in the world, does not mean that you should quite simply be ok when it happens to you just because it happens to everyone.

In our modern society, it is all too common to skim the surface. If we walk around reconciling everything all the time, coming back to a false sense of homeostasis, without actually feeling what needs to be felt, we end up an energetic ball of denial and delusion.

It is time to stand up and no longer bear witness to bullshit.

Mine, yours, anyone else’s.

Sit with your reality.

Feel the emotions running through your field.

Cry, scream, yell, whimper.

And let it move through you.

Stop denying your experience because it makes everyone else feel comfortable.

Because you matter.

And it is time to break the illusion.

Witnessing you and all that you feel, honouring what is true in this moment, what is real.