Dear human.

Dear human, take deep breaths.

I have to remind myself of this often.

You see, having been on the spiritual path for some time now, I have learnt, studied and embodied much knowledge and understanding of the nature of reality, our human-ness and our true nature as a Soul.

I understand life from a Soul’s perspective, why we chose to come here, why we chose the energetic themes that shape our reality and weave the fabric of our existence. I understand we make agreements before we come in, with our Soul family, so we can each come to experience the frequencies our Souls chose. So that we can learn, transform and grow.

As time goes on I understand more and more, and I am no longer fooled into believing the illusion that I know all there is that I am seeking to know. The journey goes on forever, it is as infinite as our Soul is boundless.

But sometimes what I find really hard, is that even though I know what I do, and I can understand the journey of a Soul; is what my human needs to go through to reconcile the energetic curriculum.

How deep the feelings run, how much the pain hurts, how the other players play. My Soul reminds me through its whispers that it’s all part of my evolution, but my human sometimes feels like it just can’t take the lessons anymore. Are we there yet?

At this level of knowing there is no other way but forward. Our karma, our lessons, they are the way to the gift that we each came here to be.

And those people in our lives that we all ‘hired’ to play a role in the story of our life, are exactly who they need to be for us to transform our shadows and bring light through to our reality.

So, I sit here in gratitude of the knowing I have streaming through my consciousness, that tells me to keep going, to get up when I fall.

I sit here and I know the only way out is through.

The only way up is down.

I sit here and I know the struggle we all go through.

Different shapes and colours, different sounds and light. But in essence the same path to awakening, and remembering our light.

Every single moment that has shaped your energetic sphere, was necessary for you to find the path that led you here.

My hope in writing this, is to remind you that there is a reason you are here.

You do have a purpose and to your Soul it is clear.

Walk from light to dark and dark to light, and release all that you can.

So your human can let your Soul lead.

So your Soul can finally land.

To walking in our Divinity,