Our Spirit never dies.

As I sit here I inhale deeply and exhale completely. And feel everything. All of it. The pain, the tears, the fears. The hope, the joy, the sorrow. Knowing that there may be many, and there may not be any more tomorrows. Here in human body, but a Spirit in true form. I know as [...]

Doing the work

Recent conversations have led me to ponder the nature of transformation and doing 'the work'. Healing as a definition is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. Part of my mission in this life is to be a facilitator of healing, to hold space and share what is needed for self-healing to [...]

Essential Oils

We have amazing bodies with an intelligence far greater than our thinking mind. Our bodies know exactly what we need in order to heal, they just need to be supported. Support in the forms of good nutrition, water, sleep, relaxation and natural medicine where possible (I am not a medical professional and as such am sharing [...]

My Healing Journey

I've spent my life sick. Well that's how it feels. Nothing major - no cancer or anything like that. Just constant, chronic and at times debilitating issues. I can't remember all that much from my childhood, I believe I had the standard ear infections and colds, nothing that stands out. Really everything changed when I [...]


Essential Oils are made from the roots, flowers, seeds, stems or other parts of plants and trees. Personally I use doTERRA Essential Oils and for many reasons; not only do they smell sensational, they are of the highest quality and are tested with great care. The process starts by finding the best source of a [...]

Supporting Health Naturally

After seven years my children are both finally free of needing a specialist to manage their health. Whilst their health issues pale in comparison to some, this for me was the most extraordinary feat. Yesterday my son was released from his Respiratory Paediatrician and he is officially in 'remission' from his asthma. We have be [...]