Wholefood Chocolate Chip Cookies DF GF

Makes 12 cookies Ingredients 170g cashews80g tiger nut flour100g organic maple syrup40g macadamia oil1tsp vanillaPinch sea saltPinch aluminum free bicarb50-60g vegan dark chocolate chips Method Fan forced oven at 175 degrees CelsiusUse high speed blender to mill cashews (Thermomix - speed 9, 20sec)Add all ingredients, except chocolate chipsMix until well combined (Thermomix - speed 4, [...]

Chocolate Fudge – Gluten FREE, Dairy FREE and YUMMY!

Ingredients 200g macadamia nut butter2 tbsp cacao2 tbsp honey1 tbsp chia seeds1 tsp vanilla essence6 medjool dates30-50g raw cashews Method Add all ingredients to Thermomix bowl (or blender)30 sec speed 9Use spatula to scrape down the sidesRepeat until desired consistencyPour into a container lined with parchment paperPlace in freezerCut into cubes once setKeep in freezer, [...]

Supporting Health Naturally

After seven years my children are both finally free of needing a specialist to manage their health. Whilst their health issues pale in comparison to some, this for me was the most extraordinary feat. Yesterday my son was released from his Respiratory Paediatrician and he is officially in 'remission' from his asthma. We have be [...]

Banana Bread

Oven 175 degrees celsius, fan forced Ingredients 5 very ripe bananas 1/3 cup coconut oil 1/4 cup sugar of choice 1 egg beaten 1 tsp vanilla 1 tsp baking soda pinch of salt 1 and 1/2 cups plain flour (can sub for gluten free flour) Method Mash bananas in a bowl Add ingredients one at [...]

Muesli Slice

Oven 160 degrees celsius, fan forced Ingredients 1 cup rolled oats 1 cup self raising flour 1 cup desiccated coconut 1/2 cup sugar of choice 1 tbsp honey 1/2 cup olive oil 1-2 eggs beaten 1 tsp vanilla 1 cup mix of sunflower seeds, pepitas, sultanas and dried apricots (add some chocolate if you like!) [...]