When it feels heavy.

Get me out. I need to go. I cannot be here anymore. This body suffocating, closing in, squashing Spirit and Soul within. There is no peace. It feels so heavy. I can't do it. Someone help me. Save the day, catch me quick, hold me up, help me stick. I don't know how to be [...]

Overcoming Overwhelm… is it possible?

It was Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, that once said "change is the only constant in life".... that was around 500BC, and how right he was. We've all got a million things going on with work, with study, with kids, with family, with friends.... with bills, with renos, with moving... the list goes on. If you're [...]

This is Me

I am the child who did not know how to be in the world. I am the child who cried rivers of tears knowing that she saw everything in a different hue, and that she was different too. I am the child who ate her way into a bubble of protection. I am the child [...]