Your heart.

Although you may not be able to see, my heart sees your heart. Although you may not be able to feel, my heart feels your heart. Although you may not be able to hear, my heart hears your heart. And whether you cry with sadness, or with the wildest happy tears. I am with you, [...]

Dear human.

Dear human, take deep breaths. I have to remind myself of this often. You see, having been on the spiritual path for some time now, I have learnt, studied and embodied much knowledge and understanding of the nature of reality, our human-ness and our true nature as a Soul. I understand life from a Soul's [...]

I am ok.

"How are you?" "Are you ok?" I've been ruminating over these questions lately, the ones that simply fall out of our mouths because they have been programmed into us from such a young age that we do not even think before they pass our lips. I find them quite annoying to be honest. Tell me [...]

There is nothing to do or say.

There are times when we fall into a well of emotion, and there is nothing to do, or say. No one can make it better. It is what it is. But often, when this is part of our reality, those around us need to reconcile it and make themselves feel better because we do not [...]

Divinity looks like you.

There is a fine line between what we believe we need to do, our will, and the will of our Soul. Our human-ness brings in all of our conditioning and our wounding and drives us to act to save, to protect, to make better. And in the process we criticise, we judge, we see disharmony. [...]

Falling into Grace

Sit quiet and let it come. Let the energy start to flow. Breathe deep, breathe wide, breathe far. Hold your centre, hold your glow. Let the light shine through your darkest parts. Let it weave in and out and in. A new pattern starts to form, a new dimension begins to spin. And although it [...]

Without you, I would not be.

We each have our 'truth' and that truth is born from our individual experience and perception. Like each snowflake that falls, a unique and intricate expression; we each have our own lens that colours our life and carries our attention. And in the same breath we are two sides of the very same coin; at [...]

You are not alone.

I am here beside you. In every moment, every breath. My love will not deny you. Let your mind come to rest. Close your eyes and take a moment. Sink deeply into your heart. Feel the peace and love inside you. Let this be the start. A heart full of hope in cloudy skies. A [...]


It's the silence I yearn for. The stillness of night. The solitude, the quiet. No one in sight. Sitting in my energy, feeling it all. Knowing what is mine, what is old, what can now safely fall. Feeling deeply into all that I am. A human, a spirit, a soul; all of them. And as [...]


I give myself permission to feel. Permission to cry. Permission to heal. Permission to be all that I am, to be someone who is not like them. Permission to know that I am deeply connected, and that this may leave others affected. Wayshower they say, it seems so prestige, but really it brings you down [...]