Dear human.

Dear human, take deep breaths. I have to remind myself of this often. You see, having been on the spiritual path for some time now, I have learnt, studied and embodied much knowledge and understanding of the nature of reality, our human-ness and our true nature as a Soul. I understand life from a Soul's [...]

Falling into Grace

Sit quiet and let it come. Let the energy start to flow. Breathe deep, breathe wide, breathe far. Hold your centre, hold your glow. Let the light shine through your darkest parts. Let it weave in and out and in. A new pattern starts to form, a new dimension begins to spin. And although it [...]

Without you, I would not be.

We each have our 'truth' and that truth is born from our individual experience and perception. Like each snowflake that falls, a unique and intricate expression; we each have our own lens that colours our life and carries our attention. And in the same breath we are two sides of the very same coin; at [...]

Dear Heart

Dear Heart, The pain that you hold, was not put there to stay. It needed somewhere to live, until I could be okay. Strong enough to feel it through. To see it, to touch it, to hear its cry too. It is safe now for you to let it go. To feel the depth of [...]

Embracing the depths of you

You don't have to feel good everyday. It doesn't mean you're failing. It doesn't mean you're falling into some kind of downward spiral. Sometimes we need to wallow, to cry, to hide. To be angry, to be sad, to be incredibly irritated to no avail. Sometimes we simply cannot navigate our way out of a [...]

We are all the same, but different.

We all experience the same things, at some point on our timeline. We are all souls, here for the evolution and expansion of ourselves and of the collective, we are Universal Source Energy. It's simply that we are experiencing things at different times, in different timelines and different dimensions. But in essence everything we experience [...]

You are stronger than you think

We all go through bad stuff. Everyone has their own stuff. We are each the same. Different frequencies, different intensities, different things. But all relative to our own experience. And as such we are the same, in what we each navigate through on the wheel of emotions. 2020 has brought with it much change, which [...]

With a silent broken heart

I am but a shadow in a memory floating far away. There is no way to remember me but for my silence. Hold me near yet at such a distance you can hardly see my heart breaking with each glance in your direction. I remain quiet for fear of rejection. Like a tear drop that [...]