Make space for your magnificence

We each have beautiful sparks of creation, ideas, that dance across our consciousness like shooting stars. And we say to ourselves, life is busy right now, I will do that one day when I have space. When I have more money. When I have more time. When I have more knowledge. When, when, when. The [...]

What can I do?

I have been pondering the thread of energy that has been flowing through conversations of late. The ones where fear has big-hearted humans on a knife's edge wondering how they can fix the hole that humanity finds itself in. But that's the thing. There is no silver bullet. And looking at what is going on [...]

You are needed

You are needed. There is this dance of spirit that moves and swirls, in creation, in balance, in expansion. You are needed, we are all needed. Just as the sun and the moon, the water and the earth, the cold and the heat need each other. The perfectness of you fits the hole, of the [...]

Stand in your power

Do not waiver. Know who you are. Know why you are here. If you feel lost, sit, take a breath and go within. You have the power to realise your greatness, there is no one else who can tell you. Remember it. Feel it. Embody it. You have the answers to all of your questions. [...]

No more compromise

There's an interesting shift in energy that I've come to notice of late. Intitially in myself toward the end of 2019, and increasingly in those around me over the last few months. There has been this rising from deep inside of us, of the feeling that we simply cannot stand by and accept the reality [...]

Your frustration is trying to tell you something

Your anger is trying to tell you something. Your sadness is trying to tell you something. Your irritation is trying to tell you something. For me, when I feel frustrated and irritated, it generally means I need to grab my computer and start writing a post on here. It's stifled creativity. As soon as I [...]

The Contrast

A good friend of mine read my last two blogs - I am not ok and Re-defining Self. Whilst she understood my first one she said she liked the second one better because it was far less concerning, which brought us to the topic of contrast. You see, Re-defining Self could only be written following [...]

Overcoming Overwhelm… is it possible?

It was Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, that once said "change is the only constant in life".... that was around 500BC, and how right he was. We've all got a million things going on with work, with study, with kids, with family, with friends.... with bills, with renos, with moving... the list goes on. If you're [...]

Just be happy… don’t be sad

This title is inspired by my daughter, when she was two, she said exactly this. I can't remember the circumstances, obviously I was not happy at the time. Whilst it may seem simplistic, there is a lot we can gain from her beautiful childish perspective. Everyday we have a choice. We can get out of [...]

The Magic of a Morning Routine

The times when I feel the best in my life is when I get up just that little bit early to make space for a 20 minute yoga practice, followed by my morning coffee and a bit of soul nourising reading. It's easy to forget how good this makes me feel, and when I get [...]