Your heart.

Although you may not be able to see, my heart sees your heart. Although you may not be able to feel, my heart feels your heart. Although you may not be able to hear, my heart hears your heart. And whether you cry with sadness, or with the wildest happy tears. I am with you, [...]

Divinity looks like you.

There is a fine line between what we believe we need to do, our will, and the will of our Soul. Our human-ness brings in all of our conditioning and our wounding and drives us to act to save, to protect, to make better. And in the process we criticise, we judge, we see disharmony. [...]

You are not alone.

I am here beside you. In every moment, every breath. My love will not deny you. Let your mind come to rest. Close your eyes and take a moment. Sink deeply into your heart. Feel the peace and love inside you. Let this be the start. A heart full of hope in cloudy skies. A [...]


It's the silence I yearn for. The stillness of night. The solitude, the quiet. No one in sight. Sitting in my energy, feeling it all. Knowing what is mine, what is old, what can now safely fall. Feeling deeply into all that I am. A human, a spirit, a soul; all of them. And as [...]

For the voice inside.

For the voice inside that says 'Who do you think you are?' The part of you that feels at home in the energy of not-enoughness, because that is almost all you have known. Whether it have started, or been fuelled by, a parent, sibling, school, work; whoever and whatever it may be. This wall that [...]

When all feels lost.

When all feels lost, and you're holding your fears. You're climbing the walls, and falling down in tears. Hold still one moment, close your eyes. And breathe in deeply between those cries. This isn't the truth residing in your heart. It is your ego that is ripping you apart. Come back in to sit with [...]

You were right all along.

The times you felt so alone. Like a voice just left of tone. The times you held your heart in sorrow. You wished today would be tomorrow. The times you wondered how it could be so. That you got it so wrong and you wished to go. Everything that you knew to be true, did [...]

Our Spirit never dies.

As I sit here I inhale deeply and exhale completely. And feel everything. All of it. The pain, the tears, the fears. The hope, the joy, the sorrow. Knowing that there may be many, and there may not be any more tomorrows. Here in human body, but a Spirit in true form. I know as [...]

It’s not about you.

It's not about you. These are words that I have said to myself, to my friends and to my clients on repeat lately. You see in most situations, when something happens and we are knocked a little (or a lot) off centre, often we feel like it is a personal attack, or the situation is [...]

Connect to your Soul

In the realm of the Soul, there is infinite, boundless, unconditional love. Our Souls do not judge. Our Souls do not criticise. Our Souls do not defend. Our Souls do not 'do' drama. But our human does. Because that is what we are here for. The Human experience. All of it. We are here to [...]