When all feels lost.

When all feels lost, and you're holding your fears. You're climbing the walls, and falling down in tears. Hold still one moment, close your eyes. And breathe in deeply between those cries. This isn't the truth residing in your heart. It is your ego that is ripping you apart. Come back in to sit with [...]

You were right all along.

The times you felt so alone. Like a voice just left of tone. The times you held your heart in sorrow. You wished today would be tomorrow. The times you wondered how it could be so. That you got it so wrong and you wished to go. Everything that you knew to be true, did [...]

Our Spirit never dies.

As I sit here I inhale deeply and exhale completely. And feel everything. All of it. The pain, the tears, the fears. The hope, the joy, the sorrow. Knowing that there may be many, and there may not be any more tomorrows. Here in human body, but a Spirit in true form. I know as [...]

It’s not about you.

It's not about you. These are words that I have said to myself, to my friends and to my clients on repeat lately. You see in most situations, when something happens and we are knocked a little (or a lot) off centre, often we feel like it is a personal attack, or the situation is [...]

Connect to your Soul

In the realm of the Soul, there is infinite, boundless, unconditional love. Our Souls do not judge. Our Souls do not criticise. Our Souls do not defend. Our Souls do not 'do' drama. But our human does. Because that is what we are here for. The Human experience. All of it. We are here to [...]

Finding our way home.

The energies of the Earth are shifting, and we are shifting too, collectively and internally. In. A. Big. Way. We are being called to work through what weighs us down, so we can become lighter and ascend. Perhaps you have noticed that you have been wading through the trenches of your emotions. Perhaps it is [...]

I am here for love.

I am here for love.Below and high it beams.Up and down with the winds of time,and the current in the streams. The peaks and troughs, the high and lows. As the leaves fall,and the flowers grow. It is everywhere you see,and where you do not especially.Although shadows may seem to hide,there is a heart in [...]

Creating from love.

We create our lives in every moment, each decision building the picture that appears further down the road. As consciousness is rising on the planet, faster than ever before, we have been increasingly drawn to navigating and manifesting what we create from this elevated state. Perhaps for some time for the sensitive and soul-led. But [...]


Resistance. It sits heavy. The black cloud shutting out the light, holding strong the darkness. Stifling the flame, dashing hope on each horizon. And we can know it does not serve us. We can know it does not help. We can know it holds us back. We can know so many things with our intellectual [...]

You are the start

Our Souls yearn for our true essence to be expressed in its fullness and in its beauty. But we hide for fear of being seen, for fear of rejection, for fear of being not enough. Fear of being wrong, in every shade of hopeless. Everyday fighting a silent war to earn our right to be [...]